How to be a bookie for Dummies?

With the augmentation of sports betting these days, being a bookmaker has started to be recognized as a legitimate business but the legality of various types of gamblings rests under the decision of the respective state governments. In this particular article, you will get a basic idea of how to be a bookie for Dummies.

People interested in placing sports bets place wagers in sportsbooks and these sportsbooks are run by bookies. At this point in time, anyone can run an online successful business of sportsbook by becoming a per head bookie.

As we have already mentioned that a bookie maintains a sports bettor’s wages. Bookies earn their money by taking action. The more the action taken by them, the more money made by them. Similarly, sportsbooks try to make money from both sides of the spread. They use the money of the losing side to pay off the money of the winning side and collect the associated fees from both sides i.e., the fees are not only collected from the winning wagers but also the losing wagers.

What is the pay per head?

Pay per head allows private bookies to provide complete access to their customers with fully equipped online sportsbooks, casinos, and racebooks.

Here are some of the advantages of using pay per head for dummies:

  1. It offers much larger options to the bettors on a daily basis which a private bookie cannot actually offer to his/her clients.
  2. 24/7 hours wagering and customer service.
  3. Automated recording, tracking, and setting of bets are done using pay per head which helps in reducing errors.
  4. Bettors or bookies can obtain real-time reports which reduce the chances of any sort of risks.
  5. There are hundreds of betting games available that too for complete 24 hours a day including Live dealer.

How pay per head restructured the bookmaking for Dummies?

Pay per head tools like layoff account is used to end the bookie risk. Bookies have the option of off-loading their risk using layoff accounts. Pay per head is the option that allows private bookies to take off the bets from the board. It allows them to adjust the Moneyline odds which makes it easy for the dummies. Not only this but it also lets the bookmakers set their maximum betting limits on any wager offered. This makes it the best tool to be a bookie for Dummies.

Precaution while online gambling


Gambling has been an ancient old idea of people’s pleasure and leisure. Now, it has taken the form of a Hollywood Casino set. People have a fascination with gambling at casinos. Some people think can you win real money gambling online? The answer is yes, but few people do not mind playing it online and enjoying it the same way. There are a few precautions that must be kept in mind.

Choose a safe username:

Do not go for spam names or quirky names. Also, one must be careful about using crucial and sensitive information about themselves. It includes mobile no., address, full name, or school name. All these lead to recognize you.

Be careful of what you share:

Your profile must not be giving out your essential information. You must be careful before you share any detail on that platform.  Your payment details, personal information, and pictures must be avoided for uploads. That may lead to a breach of your privacy.

Watch out for loot boxes and in-app purchases:

Online games offer you exciting offers in the form of loot boxes and in-app purchases. Players must be aware of malware that can enter your system at one click on these offers. Please do not get excited and get into them. Beware of advertisements, they may be appearing on your screen, and you might be tempted.

Legal sites:

One must first read and research about the gambling site. As precaution is better than cure, you must be aware of its past glitches and user satisfaction. There are many fraud sites that stuck you for money and never returned. Majorly there is a secure process of getting a license that makes sites trustworthy.

Read terms and conditions properly:

People are in so much hurry that they hardly give a look to given terms and conditions. They would be on the faulted side later when they stuck or go wrong. So, be aware of different T&C, every site has. Though they are a large set of points, they are worth a read.

Trusted Payment gateway:

Check the reviews of the payment gateway if it is not a fraud. If maximum reviews are positive, they can rely on the gateway. Be careful while making payments; do not hurry, and calmly deal with the process and conditions. If your payment stuck somewhere, read the states, and follow the procedure. If the sites are reliable, need not worry, they take your worries seriously and make you satisfied in a few days.

Avoid Public Wi-Fi spot:

They may trace your IP addresses, enter your critical information, breach your data, and payment details. It may take away a lot of information and be used in the wrong things. An option of using a trusted VPN can help in this case to make a firewall between you and local servers.

In general, online gaming may involve both social risks and technological risks. Thus, many online gaming risks are similar to those computer users may have already encountered. Still, they may not have realized that the games pose another opportunity for the compromise of their privacy or computer security.