Recipe “Tomatoes in pepper”:

Vitamins are divided into groups according to their solubility: vitamin C and b vitamins are water soluble vitamins L, D and E, dissolve in fats and are called lipofectamine. Cut the cheese should be thin, smooth slices. The use of semi-finished and finished food products gives huge savings in time, saves owner from the most unpleasant and time-consuming part of the work in the kitchen – cleaning fish, vegetables, meat preparation, etc., free kitchen from pollution and significantly reduces the time to wash dishes. White bread cut into long strips with a width of 5 cm, a thickness of about 1/2 cm and smear with butter. SALAD WITH SOUR CREAM AND EGG Washed and otnoshenii green salad, slice and place in a bowl.

Bread of any variety, cut into slices thickness of about 1 cm, smear with butter (cold, highly hardened butter cut into thin slices, put the slices of bread). In this case, beets, and potatoes take equally. Between courses, place bottles of wine and jugs of tomato and fruit juices. tablespoons vegetable oil, 3-4 tablespoons of vinegar. Consumption of them, in strict accordance with the doctor's prescription, can compensate for the deficiency of vitamins in food.

The cabbage can add a tablespoon of vegetable oil. THE KITCHEN. They take up little space and are well preserved. It is most advisable to put trash in a bucket with a hinged lid and a foot pedal. Each variety pods are cooked separately in boiling salted water. Afternoon tea (sometimes replacing dinner) is served a little differently. This salad is served with all fried and boiled meat dishes, fried and boiled fish, as a garnish for cold meat and fish dishes, as well as a separate dish. For dressings commercially available ready-made sauces: "Kuban", "Sharp", "Table", "South", etc. So there is no need to put on the table an extra glass and glasses. Lunch may consist of three courses: first – meat, vegetable or fish soup; the second is meat, fish or vegetable dishes to braised or roasted, and the third (sweet) – compote, jelly, cake or fruit.