Slot strategies

Here are some slot strategies that a player should follow in order to generate improved chances of winning.

    Fixed maximum payouts have better odds than progressive ones

    The reason for this is that the chances of winning on a slot with a fixed maximum payout are better compared to the progressive jackpots. Due to the number of players all playing for this huge jackpot, the odds of winning a progressive game are lower. This applies not only to the mobile casino jackpot, but also to the chances of winning with smaller amounts.

    Avoid playing video slots

    These machines pay far less than the normal slot machines. The return is 5 percent and below, which looks like very little, but is actually a lot for slots.

    Select games with the smallest jackpot

    The smaller the jackpot, the easier it is to win and the higher the chances of going home a winner.

    For some time now, some casinos have been equipping their tables with hot dealers in bikinis. These types of casinos are known as “party pits” because on the surface they look like Vegas-inspired casinos with free alcohol and beautiful women, but in most cases they double the house edge. Therefore, you should always choose a simple and classic casino.

The slot machine is controlled by a random number generator. This fact is extremely important if you want to be successful as a player, because the statement is clear and simple: There is no (legal) possibility to change anything in the result and to outsmart machines.

So it is undoubtedly not that easy to be permanently successful with the slot machines. However, no master has fallen from the sky yet – and the experience of slot games is worth its weight in gold. Once the tips and tricks have been used sufficiently in practice, there is a fairly high probability that they will be successful.